Window Covering for Commercial Real Estate

The owner of 170 Post Street in San Francisco spoke with Marty Wall about covering the windows of this retail space.  The space had become available for lease and instead of putting brown paper in the windows, the owner chose to put high resolution photograph prints on the inside surface of the glass.  This type of display in vacant real estate is becoming quite common these days.  Even though this form of advertising is more expensive than brown paper, the bright and colorful photos make this retail space a very attractive space to rent if you are a potential retail store looking to lease space.

If you or someone you know has a property that is vacant and has been vacant for a while, you should consider calling Signs America to cover your retail space.  These graphics will attract more attention than brown paper and you’ll fill that space in now time.  You can contact Marty at Signs America at 415-512-7446.

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